Monday, February 28, 2005

Touch (觸碰)

Acrylic on Canvas. 36" x 24". March 2004.

'Touch' is my very first painting on a 1.5" thick wood frame canvas. I have been painting on 3/4" frames for all my previous work. For some reason, painting on the 3/4" frame seemed very 'un-pro'. You can say that this is my very first piece I would consider 'gallery quality'. Needless to say, when I started working on this piece, I had a lot of pressure to make it 'perfect'...which caused me great headache!!


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Blogger Sheta said...

I fall in love with "Touch" at first sight. This is one of the paintings you sent to me (photos of course), and this is the most impressive one. Tears drop when I see the son's head touching his father's chest. They touch at one point only. It's kind of "lean on".

It seems to me that we Chinese are too subtle that we don't offer hugs to the others, especially within family. When I feel that emotions and stories are passing from the son to the father through that touch, I'm searching for the arms. Why they can't hug each other? It's kinda sad to me.

This is my first encounter with "Touch", and this is the whole story of the Chinese name I came up with.

The image lingers in me for some weeks. At the end of Feburary, I got fired for most of the freelance audio jobs. I couldn't find any friends to talk to. The image appeared in my brain. Thank God, for He has given me some place to lean on. I wrote a passage in my blog about the experience.

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